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Love Across Borders in 2012 - 01/29/2012

Alexis {aka Tino}: A Wags to Riches Tale of Migration - 09/29/2011

Rescue Effort Underway - 07/01/2011

Amazing Rescue Dog Needs a Place to call Home - 10/22/2010

Rescue Update -10/04/2010

Huge Rescue Effort Underway! - 09/22/2010

Canines make a run for the border! - 07/17/2010

Chula, a Mexican Street Dog - 04/19/2010

Valentine’s Day for the Meximutts – 19 more rescue dogs make their way to California! -3/04/2010

Mutts on Wheels – 18 Meximutts Make a Run for the Border - 11/20/2009

Canine Caravan – a Meximutt Road Trip! - 09/18/2009

Find what you love, love what you find..... - 09/18/2009

14 dogs in desperate need of rescue! - 08/06/2009

Wags to Riches: From the streets of Mexico to the high life in Northern California - 07/09/2009

Diary of the Spring 2009 Mexican Dog Rescue - 05/25/2009

16 Meximutts Head North - 05/20/2009

Freedom for Frida! - A tale of a 3-legged Meximutt and her rough travels toward the good life -05/01/2009

Meximutts -- Spring Break ’09 - 03/15/2009




Previous Dog Rescues

Previous Dog Rescues Click here to read stories about our previous dog rescues.

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