How can your pocket change help to end suffering in Mexico?

Electrocution is the most common method employed to kill unwanted animals in Mexico. This archaic practice is not only painful and slow, but is also highly unreliable and is often carried out with makeshift equipment in nightmarish conditions. 

Compassion without Borders is working hard to end this cruel practice, replacing it with humane euthanasia via a painless intravenous injection, as practiced in the United States.
It costs an average of just 25 cents to pay for the medication needed to humanely euthanize an animal in Mexico and will spare that animal unspeakable suffering.

Dog in The Antirrabico - Ciudad JuarezPlease make a donation to this important program today. As an all volunteer organization, 100% of your donation will go toward the animals.

Find out more about our Humane Euthanasia Program here.

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