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Chula: One Dog’s Amazing Story

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” -Victor Hugo

Many of you saw the video of Chula when first rescued in December. She was found in the middle of the desert in Mexico, covered in cactus spines and unable to move.

After stabilizing her, we realized she was blind. It was a heartbreaking discovery to imagine this poor blind dog in the desert, ending up in such terrible condition.

Fast forward to just before New Years, when we were heading down to pick up the Meximutts for their big migration north. We got a call from Dr.Conkling, CWOB board member and volunteer extraordinaire, not to mention one of the most kind, compassionate people we know.

Dr. Conkling had just put his beloved Meximutt Sophie of 13 years to sleep. He was devastated, but found himself moved by Chula’s story and felt compelled to meet her.

So, that’s what he did. Dr.Conkling loaded up in the van with us on New Year’s Eve and headed to Mexico.

And, it was love at first sight.

Chula rode in Dr.Conkling’s lap for the entire two day trip back north and she hasn’t left his side since. He has already taken her to a veterinary ophthalmologist and her vision is improving greatly. He is working on having her become a therapy dog and says she is making huge strides everyday.

It is difficult to think about the dark moments Chula endured to arrive to where she is today. What an incredible journey this sweet girl has undergone. There is such joy in knowing that Chula will never know anything other than companionship, love, and genuine compassion for the rest of her life.