Each year in China an estimated 10 million dogs are killed for meat.

The Yulin Meat Festival, held at the summer solstice, is the epitome of all that is cruel and unjust about this horrific practice.

Animals are tortured, beaten, and killed in a gruesome and painful manner in front of festivalgoers.

This year officials in China have banned the sale of meat at the festival, which is an encouraging step towards ending the grotesque event. Although, many on the ground fighting to stop it are skeptical of the impact this ban will have.

Odessa Gunn

CWOB team member and long time animal activist Odessa Gunn is headed to China on June 12th to save 10 dogs from China.  She is working closely with the brave folks at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation who do incredible work everyday to help stop the China meat trade.

Gunn, who fundraised herself to raise the funds for the transport, arrives with the dogs on Friday June 16th.

Dogs will be brought to Muttopia, our new safe space for rescued dogs, given veterinary care and assessed, and will then go up for adoption in the coming weeks.

We will be posting  Odessa’s live updates on our Facebook page

How You Can Help

Educate Yourself

Check out the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and sign their petition, donate, and find out more about the work they do in China


Email us if you are interested in adopting one of the  China dogs


Donate towards the care of the China dogs