Dogs awaiting rescue in Juarez, Mexico

Our next rescue is scheduled for February 19th. Sponsor a dog today!

It costs just $100 to sponsor a dog, which helps us to cover the cost of the medical care, voluntary quarantine in foster home, spay/neuter, vaccination, microchipping, deworming, and transport up north.

$100 literally enables us to save a life and in return you’ll receive a sponsor dog packet with a photo of your rescue dog, his or her story, and a rescue dog sponsor certificate.

Please help us to bring every dog that we can back up to northern California with us, we don’t want to have to leave any one behind!



Peke weighs in at just 8 lbs, even though she has doubled in weight since being rescued. She was found on the street starving, weak, and barely surviving. This sweet dog was given the medical care and nutrition she needed to make a full recovery and is now a spry, 8 month old poodle who is destined to be the lapdog of some very lucky gringo!

Help Peke along her way to the life she deserves – sponsor Peke today!




Darling Capuchino was found wandering the streets of Mexico, struggling to survive. He adjusted to the good life quickly and went from a very scrawny, scrappy street dog to a pudgy, fluffy pooch who is ready and eager to make his way to California for a permanent change of latitude!

Help Capuchino find the home and love he has been waiting for – sponsor him today!




Wirehair terrier mix extraordinaire, that is our Alambres. This eleven-month-old pup was rescued from being killed at an animal control center in Juarez, Mexico and is now ready to head north and find a family that can adore him.

Dashing and debonair, this scruffy fellow makes us melt.

Sponsor Alambres today!




Dark haired Latino with a checkered past in search of a northern Californian love to make him forget all the heartache of his past.

Help Carmelo go from a sad, lonely street dog to a loving member of some lucky family – sponsor him today!



This sweet, shy boy was found roaming the streets of Juarez, Mexico. His mild, sensitive disposition didn’t serve him well on the hard streets south of the border and he was barely surviving – rail thin and scrounging for food.

Since being rescued he has put on weight, gained some confidence, and settled into the security of the warmth and love of his foster home.

Help this shy fellow along his way to a loving home – sponsor Cristobal today!


Garra was saved before being killed at the animal control center in Juarez, Mexico. She is, quite simply, too cute for this planet. Subtle little scruffy hairs frame a muzzle so cute you could go mad just looking at it! A divine white line runs along the middle of her sweet face, between chocolate brown eyes so soulful she melts your heart with one lingering glance.

Help Garra show the folks in California just how cutes Mexican street dogs really are – sponsor Garra today!



Humberto was rescued off the streets of Mexico. As most street dogs are south of the border, he was near starving and struggling to survive. These days, however, Humberto is safe and well fed in a foster home, awaiting his big migration up north. His soft white locks frame his dark, deep eyes and sweet little black nose – a very, very handsome Latin lovedog.

Help Humberto find his way into the loving home of a lucky Americano – sponsor Humberto today!



Mickey- It’s hard to tell from the photo of this full-coated doll-pie, but when he was rescued off the street he had only about four hairs on his sweet little head. He was covered in mange, a skin condition which causes hair loss and itchiness. He was also thin, weak, and had a very high fever from his skin infection.

Mickey was rescued, treated, and has come a long way since those days. He now boasts a full coat of hair which is really rather dashing and his waistline continues to grow by the day!

Help Mickey realize his dreams for a loving, safe home – sponsor Mickey today!



Sweetie was so matted when first rescued that she had large wounds and infected skin. She was groomed, given the medical attentions she needed and has been recovering in foster for many months.

These days her shaggy coat has grown out in all it’s glory, and this little spry doll of a dog is officially ready



Sweet Cristian was found with an infected fractured left front leg, wandering the streets. He had been living this way for sometime and was just barely surviving. Cristian was rescued and given medical attention. The leg did require amputation, but Cristian has done incredibly well since recovering and gets around on three legs just fine. He is a loving, sweet dog that will never again have to endure such hardship.

Help Cristian in the final steps of his long journey to a better life – sponsor his trip north today!


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