Paloma – Sweetness Revealed
-Christi Camblor

I first saw Paloma waiting outside of a spay and neuter clinic we were hosting in Mexico last October. She was sitting beside another dog, attached to a rope that was held by an older woman. As the woman moved closer Paloma and the other dog followed behind and it was then I noticed Paloma’s sever limp and her disfigured back leg.

I approached the woman and asked what had happened to Paloma and how she had been injured. She told me she did not know, Paloma roamed freely and returned home with the injury months ago and had been limping around like that ever since.

We took Paloma in to the clinic where her leg was closely examined and determined to require amputation. It was infected and had been broken and healed in an abnormal position which was causing strain to her spine.

I went out to explain all of this to the woman and her response caught me off guard: “Well, I don’t want a three legged dog, so you can just put her to sleep”.

There was no way that was happening. Paloma was one of the sweetest dogs at the clinic. She never stopped wagging her stubby little tail or submissively soliciting pets the whole time we examined her and her sweet gaze could melt a heart of stone. She was young, beautiful, and full of love and life and killing her because of an injury that could be surgically alleviated was in no way a possibility as far as I was concerned.

So, we asked permission to rescue her and the woman gave it without hesitation. Thanks to the extraordinary Dr.John Strathman who performed her amputation, Paloma underwent the surgery and recovered beautifully – adapting to life on three legs without missing a beat.

 She spent the next month recovering in a local volunteer’s home and was then brought to Norhtern California where she was fortunate enough to be fostered by Cathy Townsend from Center for Animal Protection and Education.

Cathy, an incredible foster mom who has helped many of the Mexican dogs, provided a loving, nurturing home to Paloma while she continued to recover and while she u nderwent treatment for heartworm disease, which she had contracted south of the border.

After many months of TLC and recuperation, Cathy found just the right home for Paloma with a young family in Santa Cruz who has another Blue Heeler and who absolutely adore her.

We chose Paloma as July’s Meximutt of the month because she exemplifies the sweet nature of the lucky animals we work with who benefit from the tremendous generosity of all the compassionate and dedicated folks that come together on their behalf, and who so deserve every ounce of energy we pour into securing their happy endings.


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