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Two dogs were rescued from an abusive home in Mexico after their owner was filmed beating one of them with a shovel..

A boy who lived in the house next door saw the man beating the dogs and quickly began filming with his cell phone. He showed the footage to his mother, who then showed it to our clinic staff. Our veterinary team brought it to officials to file charges and demand immediate release of the dogs.

Formal cruelty charges have been pressed and both dogs are now safe and in CWOB custody. The dog who was beaten in the video is undergoing care for his wounds and is expected to make a full recovery. The other dog is thin and has superficial wounds, but is also doing well.

Both dogs are now in northern California undergoing medical care and getting lots of TLC while they heal both physically and emotionally. We will keep you posted on their progress and thank all of our supporters for making their rescue possible.

Please donate todayto help us care for these dogs and so we can continue to be there for these animals in their moment of need.