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Santiago was found in a large backyard lot in Fresno, unable to walk. Sadly, the finders did not know what to do and left him there for an entire week before word finally got out to our incredible partners at Fresno Humane.

Fresno Humane sent out one of their officers who thankfully picked up Santiago and got him to the ER, where he was diagnosed with a severe pelvic fracture that had caused him to be unable to use his hind limbs. Fresno Humane then reached out to CWOB to see if we felt there was any chance at a recovery. After reviewing his x-rays and medical records, we decided there was and agreed to take him into our care to provide him with every chance possible.

He spent the next few weeks receiving around the clock care with CWOB co-founder Dr. Christi Camblor and family. There, he proved himself the perfect patient. Impossibly sweet, joyful, and content despite his condition.

Fast forward to today, just four weeks later and Santiago is now able to walk. He is still gaining strength and one of his legs will likely never regain function, but hopes are for a full recovery on three legs, and a long life ahead.

Santiago reminds us all of the incredible resiliency of animals and their amazing ability to heal and thrive despite even the worst of conditions and unthinkable odds.

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