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These dogs are all currently in Santa Rosa, CA. If you are interested in one of the dogs below, contact us

  • Maggie

    Maggie is a gorgeous Shephard mix that came to us from Mexico as a very pregnant mother dog. She gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies and was an incredible mother. Her pups have all moved on and been adopted and now it is her turn!

    Maggie is good with other dogs and is absolutely lovely with people, charming everyone she meets. She bonds deeply and is looking for a loving home where she can share all that she has to offer with some lucky adopter.

    Maggie is about 3-4 years old and weighs around 65 lbs. Age

  • Canela

    This sweet young girl comes to us from Mexico, after enduring a very rough past. She is a beautiful medium sized golden colored mixed breed dog. Canela loves to play ball, give sweet, shy kisses and playing with her other dog friends.

    Canela has overcome a lot and is looking to continue to gain confidence and trust as she bonds deeply with her new adopter

    Canela is about 1.5 years and weighs 35 lbs.

  • Juana

    This exotic beauty is bound to steal your heart. Rescued from Mexico, she is so grateful for each and every day she has of safety and care here north of the border.

    This fun-loving girl is looking for an active home where she can continue to work on getting used to life in the U.S.A and where she can run, romp, cuddle and play all the live long day.

    Juana is about 1.5 years old and weighs about 70 lbs.

    Watch a beautiful of Juana now

  • Muñeca

    Muñeca is a stunning south of the border charmer. She is fluffy, scruffy and absolutely fabulous! This sweet girl loves people and enjoys rough housing with the other rescue dogs in our care.

    This sweet girl is looking for an active household where she can enjoy each day of her life and show her adopters just how grateful she is for the second chance she’s been given.

    Watch a video of Muñeca here

  • Pepper

    Pepper is one handsome wire hair terrier mix rescued from a life of hardship on the streets of  Mexico. He is an active, young dog who loves to play, play, play. He enjoys playing ball and lives each moment to the fullest!

    Pepper is looking for an acive home with someone who is eager to train him to be the best companion he can be and who is ready for one good-looking sidekick!

    Pepper is about 55 lbs and 1-2 years old

  • Nicki

    This lovely purebreed English Bulldog has lived a tough life. She was used as a breeder dog before being rescued from a hoarding type situation.

    Nicki is an absolutely adorable dog that does well with other dog friends and loves to give and get love.

    Nicki is approx. 35 lbs and 4-5 years old