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These dogs are all currently in Santa Rosa, CA. If you are interested in one of the dogs below, email us or call us at 707-703-4129

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  • Canela

    Canela is a sweet young girl who didn’t have the best start in life, but she's starting the best part of her life now! Canela is in a loving foster home and she’s been great in the house. She acclimates easily, already housebroken and comes when called. If you’re looking for a smart athletic dog who learns quickly, Canela is your playmate! She is totally blissed out on her hikes and would be a good running partner as well. And like most Lab Retreivers, she especially loves playing ball! Wait until Canela plants some sweet shy kisses on you and you’ll be hooked!

    Age: 1.5 years
    Weight: 35 lbs.

  • Tyson

    Now there is one happy dog! Handsome Tyson is a 1 year old Golden Retriever and Lab mix, with maybe a little Aussie thrown in. This boy still has lots of puppy in him and he loves to play. He could be an ideal running mate, hiking partner or a social butterfly at your local dog park. Tyson could benefit from some schooling to help redirect his exuberance. He’d be better with older kids who can participate in the training process. If you’re looking for a social, active and affectionate pup, then Tyson is waiting to meet you. 

    Age: 1 year
    Weight: 45 lbs

  • Mango

    Mango is an adorable young Terrier mix.  If you’re looking for a smart, sweet and fun dog to join your family, Mango could be your girl.  She’s great with children, as long as they can keep up with her active nature:)  Mango is a little athlete and would love to join you on fun outings where she can show off her agility.  And she loves playing with other dogs!  Mango can benefit from some training to help her make the most of that sharp mind she has.  Rescued from Mexico, Mango has been well socialized and she’s jumping for joy at being in California, while awaiting her new home. 

    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 12 lbs

  • Patricio

    Sweet Patricio is a gorgeous, young Belgain Malinois and Aussie cross that has a heartbreaking tale of being rescued from a severe abuse case in Mexico. He was confiscated after a neighbor videotaped his owner beating him with a shovel.
    Despite this tragic background, Patricio is amazingly well adjusted and loving.  One week after this horrific incident was captured, Patricio was frolicking at the beach with his rescuers.  When you meet him, you will certainly see that beauty and love in his eyes.  Patricio loves everyone he meets!  He’s still an active young pup and could benefit from some training to make him the best companion he can be.  And he’s fine with other dogs with proper introductions.  We’re so happy to welcome Patricio to a new and better life ahead.

    Age: 1 year
    Weight: 50lbs

  • Tony

    Tony is a petite little Miniature Pinscher mix weighing only 6 pounds.  He is exceptionally sweet and you’ll see how adorable he is when you meet him!  Tony’s also a sensitive and gentle soul.  He likes being with other dogs, just don’t expect Tony to be the leader of the pack.  Tony can also be a nice companion for kids who respect his small stature.  He’s ready to share all the love he has with his special someone.  Could that be you?

    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 6 lbs

  • Chili

    This little pint-sized charmer is an absolute delight! Chili is a Chihuahua mix and she is overflowing with love.  She has quite the ‘Cinderella’ story.  Chili was left outside our clinic in Mexico in a styrofoam cooler.  Her skin was in terrible shape and clearly her family loved her but didn’t have the resources to take care of her medical needs.  We gave Chili all the medical care she needed and now she’s healthy and beautiful.  It was quite a transformation.  Now she’s a happy, fun, confident and playful pup who is excellent with children and loves being around other dogs as well. 

    Age: 1 year
    Weight: 5 lbs

  • Juana

    Juana is an exotic beauty that is bound to steal your heart. She is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She comes right in looking for hugs and kisses. Juana is also a smart girl, knows her basic commands and adjusts easily to new environments. She's quite athletic, great ball dog and loves playing with other compatible dogs. Juana does have a prey drive, so no cats or small animals should share a home with her. She's a total love and really worth meeting!

    Age: 3 years
    Weight: 52 lbs.

  • Maggie

    Maggie is a strikingly beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She’s a Bay Area girl, found as a stray in Solano County and was becoming increasingly more shy and stressed being at the Solano County Animal Care. The Center for Animal Protection and Education swooped in and rescued sweet Maggie and brought her to our facility, Muttopia, so she could feel safe and comforted. It didn’t take long and Maggie has completely come out of her shell. She loves playing with other dogs, or just playing by herself…racing around the yard with a big smile on her face, tossing toys in the air or chasing tennis balls. It’s quite a sight to behold. But Maggie is never too busy to stop for pets and hugs. She just loves everyone she meets! Maggie is ready for a home of her own.

    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 65 lbs.

  • Camila

    Camila is a beatuful young boxer mix who charms everyone she meets. Friendly and outgoing, with an incredibly sweet disposition, this darling girl is quite a find. Camila is great with other dogs and kids and is a fabulous dog who is going to make some lucky adopter very happy!

    Age: 8 months
    Weight: 20 lbs

  • Ali

    Ali, also affectionately known as ‘Angel’ is pure sweetness.  She’s a 3 year old, 60 pound Lab mix with a classic Lab personality.  Ali is just happy all the time. She’s friendly with everyone she meets, oh so loving and very affectionate. She was rescued off the streets of Mexico with a severe leg injury and the leg could not be saved.  But being a tripod has not slowed Ali down in any way.  This beautiful girl has been through a lot, but you’d never know that she’d seen any hardship in her life. Her happy-go-lucky disposition makes her a great fit for almost any home.  Are you ready to meet Ali?

    Age: 3 years
    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Rico

    Rico is a young Weimaraner mix who was found in pretty bad shape in a park in Mexico.  He was one of the lucky ones to get on the CWOB transport to California and start a new life. When you meet him, you’d never imagine that he’s been through so much because he’s just one happy and goofy dog!  This new world is just so much fun, that Rico can benefit from some training to keep him focused. If you’re looking for a sweet and personable companion or family dog, Rico is waiting to meet you.  

    Age: 1.5 years
    Weight: 50 lbs