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The China Dogs

The Beautiful Faces of China’s Dog Meat Industry

Scroll down to see photos and descriptions of each of the dogs.

On June 16th Compassion Without Borders received 10 dogs rescued from the slaughterhouses of China.

The dogs, flown to San Francisco by animal welfare activist and CWOB supporter Odessa Gunn, were rescued by the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

Gunn, who made the trip to raise awareness about the atrocities of the China dog meat market industry and the horrific annual Yulin meat festival, says " The thing I found most shocking on my trip to China was the fact that millions and millions of dogs are intentionally tortured and slaughtered for their meat all year long in Asia. I thought it was mainly at the Yulin festival but it's happening all year long at markets in plain sight for everyone to see. I'm focusing on the precious ones we have saved and will continue to save so that I don't get discouraged. I hope for a more compassionate future but for right now I just want to do all I can do to mitigate the suffering. If that means flying to China a few times a year and spreading awareness then that's what I'll do!"

Dogs arrived to Muttopiafrightened and weary after their long trip.  They are currently undergoing veterinary care, along with lots of TLC, as they adjust to the good life in California.

CWOB co-founder Moncho Camblor says of the dogs “It is amazing that these dogs, after seeing all they have seen, being treated the way they were, and facing that fate – they are still willing to give love and begin again

Dogs will be going up for adoption soon. Please email us at if you are interested in opening your heart and home to one of these amazing animals.

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Meet the Dogs

  • Zalie

    Sweet Zalie is a darling, petite Beagle looking mix. She takes a few seconds to determine if you are worth her while, then saddles up next to you and gives you a friendly wag and leans in for a snuggle.

  • Rosie

    Rosie is simply lovely. Gentle. Friendly. Feminine. Good natured and eager to bond. This dog is going to make an incredible companion.

  • Sadie

    Sadie is as sweet as she is beautiful. Incredibly trusting and affectionate, we are so grateful she is safe.

  • Kiki

    Kiki is an absolute ray of sunshine. She arrived severely matted, so did have to be clipped down, and she is loving her summer cut! Her precious face reveals a sweetness that is simply irresistible. An absolute beauty on the inside and out.

  • Cooper

    Cooper is a dashingly handsome young man. But don’t let those rugged good looks fool you, he is an absolute teddy bear. Loving and gentle, this guy is going to make some lucky adopter very happy.

  • Suki

    Suki is the dog whose innocence, joy, and beauty can literally bring tears to your eyes. To imagine this dog was so close to such a brutal end  breaks our heart .

    The youngest of the group, this sweet girl has a bounce to her step, a playfulness in her spirit, and a sincere desire to enjoy the new life she finds herself living these days.

  • Gus

    Oh Gus. This guy is a hands down CWOB staff favorite. An old soul and instant friend, his gentle, unassuming nature is sure to win over anyone he meets. This guy has a lot of depth and his calm, loving presence is sure to melt your heart. Literally every one of us at CWOB want to adopt Gus and we can’t wait to find the right person who will be lucky enough to take him home.

  • Trapper

    Trapper is so cute it is hard to handle. That face. That body. That goofy whole body wag and irresistible underbite. It is simply too much.

    But this guy is more than just a pretty face. Spunky. Silly. Fun. He is everything you could ever want him to be and so, so much more.

  • Boomer

    Boomer is, simply put, the life of the party.  No doubt about it, this guy is larger than life and so darn cute . Stout and spunky, he is  already enjoying every single minute of his brand new life.

  • Sonny

    Sweet Sonny is a young dog, less than a year. His sweet, beautiful face still shows the worry he has known his whole life. His hesitation to trust is fading every day and we can’t wait to show him how sweet life can be.

    Sonny will need some time and lots of love to overcome all he has endured. His broken spirit is only just starting to mend. We can’t wait to find him just  the right home, with just the right person, who can surround him in love and allow his beautiful spirit to blossom.