Mexico Spay/Neuter

Mexico Spay/Neuter Programs:

Spay and neuter is the key to human reform for animal homelessness in Mexico, where unwanted dogs and cats roam the streets by the hundreds of thousands. For many animals in the impoverished neighborhoods we serve, access to spay/neuter is non-existent .

CWOB brings access to spay/neuter to these animals through week-long spay/neuter clinics, along with programs to provide the  training, oversight and support needed for ongoing sterilization efforts with locals throughout the country.

The goal of our efforts is always to create locally sustainable solutions and sterilization programs that provide a steady resource for the animals in the regions we serve.  Our programs have sterilized over 10,000 animals over the years in Mexico, with many more to come!

Donate Today! ! $65.00 covers the cost of spay/neuter south of the border and prevents hundreds of unwanted animals from being born over the year.

To view some images of previous spay/neuter clinics, Click here.


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