In many areas of Mexico, dogs and cats do not have access to even the most basic veterinary care, including vaccinations, deworming, and parasite control, due to a lack of financial resources and the impoverished, often rural settings they live in.

Compassion without Borders firmly believes all animals deserve access to care, which is why we host free veterinary wellness clinics in these regions, providing urgently needed, lifesaving services to animals in need.

In many of these areas, where fatal diseases such as Parvo and Distemper are rampant, a $5.00 vaccine will save a young animal’s life. Sometimes just a $0.25 dewormer can rid an animal of parasites that cause illness and anemia. Other times we are there with treatment for long standing skin conditions, wounds, and whatever is needed to get the animals the care they deserve.

Our groundbreaking clinics are only shot many of these animals have at getting this care and are urgently important for thousands of dogs and cats that would otherwise go without.

Donate Today! $5.00 provides a lifesaving vaccine, $50.00 gives treatment for an ear infection, $100 helps to cover treatment for many lifesaving anemias common south of the border.

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See us in action: Click here for photographs of our work in Mexico

Donate Today!