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Milagros: A Miracle Indeed

“Where there is great love, there will always be miracles”
-Willa Cather

We found Milagros {Miracle in Spanish} living in a landfill on the outskirts of Mexico. She was bone thin, covered in wounds and mange, and she was pregnant. Very pregnant.

We rescued her, did a medical work-up and found out that she also had a life threatening anemia and tick borne disease. There was no way to safely spay her, so we made her a promise to do all we could to help her and her babies.

Sweet Milagros went into labor within 10 days of being rescued. The labor was difficult and one of the pups got stuck in her canal. She had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life and remove the pup. It was a difficult procedure given her delicate condition, but she survived and so did five beautiful puppies.

It is simply devastating to imagine the fate Milagros and those five puppies would have had should he have stayed at the landfill. Simply unthinkable.

Thank goodness they are safe.

It is said that where there is love, there are miracles. Milagros and her babies are proof positive of that.

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Milagros and other dogs being rescued from the landfill in Mexico.

Milagros enjoying the beach just days after recue.

Milagros nursing her newly born pups - such a good Mama!