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No Puppy Left Behind: Brand-new puppy orphanage opens in Mexico

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new puppy orphanage in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico! This safe space will provide a critically needed safe haven for homeless puppies and nursing mother dogs and their litters.

This is a dream come true” says CWOB co-founder Dr. Christi Camblor  “it will help us to save so many lives as they are just beginning by enabling us to safely house them, care for them, and keep them healthy while getting them ready for adoption”.

Each year in Mexico, we are faced with hundreds of abandoned puppies, as well as homeless mama dogs struggling to survive with their litters on the streets. These animals require a whole different level of care given how susceptible they are to disease and how vulnerable they are in terms of weather extremes, nutrition, and care.

It feels amazing to have a safe space to bring these animals, we have so many that need our help”, says Claudia Ortega, Mexico programs manager, “everyday there are so many left in front of our clinic in boxes or abandoned on the side of the road

Stay tuned to find out more about this incredible new program!

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Watch a video of the orphanage before it was remodeled
Dr. Camblor explains the vision that created the new shelter

Watch a video of the new orphanage now
CWOB co-founder Moncho and Christi Camblor’s son, Diego, gives you a virtual tour of the new shelter.