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2007 has been a wonderful year for CWOB. Our grassroots organization has taken off and all of our projects are blossoming wide open. Each small success has paved the road for the next and slowly, but steadily, we are starting to see real change as a result of our hard work, vision, and dedication. Please read over what we have accomplished and help us to share in the joy of a year’s worth of hard work for the animals of Mexico!


*You can also watch our “2007 Year in Review Video” for a brief overview


dog rescueCWOB continued our ongoing international rescue, rescuing dozens upon dozens of animals in the past 12 months. Every one of these dogs would have had no chance at adoption and would have been euthanized or left to languish on the streets if not for the CWOB rescue. Read more about the rescue here or watch rescue video now.
CWOB also partnered with a rescue organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico who have also begun to rescue adorable Meximutts from south of the border and thanks to their efforts dozens of more lives have been saved.
A special thanks to APRODEA, (Asociacion ProDefensa Animal = Animal Protection Agency), the local heroes in Juarez who make the rescue possible. They work tirelessly to help the animals and have earned our utmost gratitude and respect.


2007 was also the year we finally got our dream rescue van! Thanks to the incredibly generosity of many of our supporters and an anonymous donor we were able to purchase our dream rescue van.

The van is used for the rescue dogs from Mexico and also to bring down donated goods such as food, medical supplies, flea/tick control, etc to the animals.



CWOB hosted a week-long spay/neuter clinic in Chihuahua, Mexico wherein 221 animals were sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed, given flea and tick control, collars and ID Tags and another several dozen animals from the community were given free medical attention ranging from basic vaccinations and health checks to more intensive medical management for chronic ongoing problems
CWOB plans to hold 3 such clinics in 2008.

Watch spay camp video now

CWOB also committed to working with local veterinarians in Chihuahua, Mexico by providing them with hands on training at the clinic and purchasing basic items such as surgical instruments to help furnish a government run spay/neuter facility that is incredibly under equipped.


Our humane euthanasia program, which aims to eradicate electrocution in Mexico {the most common method of killing unwanted animals} by replacing it with IV euthanasia as practiced in the US, has taken off in 2007.
We have held numerous trainings, participated in several meetings with top officials in Mexican government, and, amazingly, managed to end electrocution in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico thanks to our perseverance and the hard work of our local partners APRODEA.
We are currently working on ongoing trainings for the workers at the animal control centers throughout the state, and plan to branch out to an animal control center in the neighboring state of Sonora mid-December.
While this program remains one of our most difficult, we are committed to ending the atrocious act of electrocution in Mexico and are quickly making great strides toward that end.


2007 was the year we finally got funding for Project Anapra...well, at least part of it! Thanks to the generosity of a private individual we have been able to start up this model program that aims to bring health care, food, and basic items such as flea/tick control, collars/ID tags, etc to animals in one of Mexico's most impoverished regions. Our goal is to also sterilize these animals, and we are currently working on funding for that aspect of the program. Read project overview.
This amazing program, which will bring about monumental change for some of Mexico's most needy animals, will serve as a model program for developing nations worldwide.


CWOB remains rooted in our belief that humane education must be a component of our strategy to bring about radical humane reform for the animals of Mexico. We have continued to develop and expand our "Sabias Que" (Know what?) campaign and also distributed hundreds of humane ed coloring books and pamphlets to children in poor neighborhoods throughout Mexico.