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    We have until June 1st to make this lifesaving project for the animals a reality - read how you can be an animal hero by clicking here!
  • Sweet Leo needs Home!
    Sweet Leo needs Home!
    Watch this short video about the amazing transformation of a beautiful young boxer found starving on the streets of Juarez.
  • Chihuahuas in their new homes!
    Check out a photo album of happy rescue Chihuahuas in their new homes!
    We are constantly getting great updates about the Chihuahuas we help to rescue from the Central Valley – check out this feel-good photo gallery of them living it up in their new homes
  • Winter Newsletter
    Winter Newsletter
    Check out our Winter Newsletter and find out what we have been up to! Download newsletter by clicking here.
  • How many Chihuahuas?
    How many Chihuahuas Does it Take to Throw a Party?
    Find out more about the Chihuahua Rescue Program reunion by clicking here
  • Saving Lives
    Saving Lives in the Name of Love
    Check out images from our Valentine's rescue group of dogs - our February 2014 Central Valley rescue trip.
  • Want to be part of our team?
    Join us for the Human Race on May 10th, 2014
    Join Team Compassion for the Human Race in Sonoma County. Come on out and walk or run the race while hanging out with us and helping us to raise funds for animals in need.
  • Caring Globally AND Acting Locally
    Caring Globally AND Acting Locally
    100 animals were seen in just one day at our first free clinic of the year. Click here to read about some of the animals we helped and to see a stunning photo gallery from the day.
  • 41 Lives Saved in One Day!
    41 Lives Saved in One Day!
    The year is off to a great start, with 41 animals selected for rescue in one day. Find out more about this amazing lifesaving efffort and see photos and stories of the animals saved.
  • 2013 Celebration Video:
    2013 Celebration Video:
    Watch our 2013 Celebration Video and see all we accomplished over the year.
  • Leo: A Story of Courage
    Leo: A Story of Courage
    Watch this amazing video of a dog just rescued off the streets of Mexico.
  • dog rescue

    Making a difference
    Making a difference south of the border:
    Click here to see a stunning photo gallery from our latest free clinic in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
  • An intimate glance at international rescue.
    An intimate glance at international rescue.
    Read Compassion without Borders cofounder Dr.Christi Camblor's travel diary from a trip she took this weekend to Juarez to save lives and the idea she has about how to save even more...
  • It's always darkest before the dawn...
    It's always darkest before the dawn...
    Find out Compassion without Border's cofounder Dr.Christi Camblor's personal hardship has inspired the organization to focus on a whole new demographic of dogs....
  • How does it feel?
    How does it feel to work with animals in Mexico?
    Read CWOB cofounder Dr.Camblor's intimate and candid travel diary from her most recent trip.
  • 10 minute Project Overview Video
    10 minute Project Overview Video
    View an updated project overview recently created to address the questions: Why do you help the animals of Mexico? What exactly do you to help them?
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  Why Help Animals in Mexico?

Why Help Animals in Mexico?Why do the animals in Mexico deserve our help? Aren’t there enough needy animals in the United States ? Why look south of the border? Read CWOB’s cofounder Christi Payne’s response to these commonly posed question.

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